How does Renovated work for customers?

If you require the assistance of a professional for home services, look no further than Renovated. This service will connect you with a skilled and verified expert in your vicinity. By simply filling out an online form, your request will be expediently dispatched to a service provider in your locality, who will promptly reach out to you to discuss your requirements.

Please Note: If you don’t hear back from anyone, it might be that we don’t have a professional that covers your area or required service.

We understand the value of reliable and efficient home services, and that is why we are committed to connecting you with the best service providers in your area. Our platform ensures that you receive top-notch services and professional guidance, saving you time and hassle.

How does Renovated work for service providers?

If you have expertise in providing home services, you can become a service provider on the Renovated platform. Upon meeting the eligibility criteria, you will receive leads via email, directly sent to you.

Joining the Renovated community as a service provider offers you an opportunity to expand your client base and grow your business. By leveraging our platform, you can reach out to potential clients in your local area and offer your services to them.

How much does Renovated cost?

Booking and requesting quotes through the Renovated platform is entirely free for customers. As a customer, you can easily access our platform, fill out the online form, and receive quotes from our verified and experienced service providers in your area.

However, if you are a service provider, there is a nominal monthly fee to access the leads that are sent to you directly email. This fee allows you to gain access to a consistent stream of high-quality leads, giving you the opportunity to expand your customer base and grow your business.

We believe in maintaining transparency and fairness in our pricing structure, and we strive to keep our fees affordable and accessible for all our service providers. By joining our platform, you can leverage our extensive customer network and enhance your visibility, making it easier for potential clients to find you and book your services.

So, whether you are a customer seeking reliable and skilled service providers or a service provider looking to expand your business, Renovated has got you covered.